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Guardian Visa

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Visa Application Charge (Main Applicant)


About the Visa

The Guardian Visa allows parents or legal guardians to accompany their children to Australia while they study, providing care and support during their stay.

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for the Guardian Visa, applicants must be a parent or legal guardian of an international student studying in Australia on a student visa subclass 500. They must also meet health and character requirements and have adequate funds to support themselves and their dependent children while in Australia.

  2. Duration: The duration of the Guardian Visa depends on the duration of the student's course of study. It allows holders to stay in Australia for the same length of time as the student or until the student turns 18, whichever is earlier.

  3. Work Conditions: Guardian Visa holders are generally not permitted to work while in Australia. However, they may engage in volunteer work or study for up to three months.

  4. Family Members: The Guardian Visa does not allow for the inclusion of dependent family members other than dependent children who are also accompanying the student in Australia.

  5. Application Process: The application process involves submitting the required documentation, including proof of the student's enrollment and financial capacity, as well as undergoing health examinations and providing police clearance certificates if necessary.

Overall, the Guardian Visa provides an opportunity for parents or legal guardians to accompany and support their children during their studies in Australia, ensuring their well-being and providing peace of mind for both the students and their families.

Visa Category

Student & Graduate

Student & Graduate

The Guardian Visa (Subclass 590) is an Australian visa designed for parents or legal guardians of international students under the age of 18 who are studying in Australia on a student visa.

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