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Arrival Service

Pre-arrival and post-arrival support are essential services provided to international students and migrants to facilitate a smooth transition into their new living and cultural environment

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  • Information Provision: Providing detailed information to students and migrants about their destination country, including visa requirements, accommodation options, transportation, health insurance, and cultural norms. This information helps them prepare for their journey and make informed decisions.

  • Visa Assistance: Assisting students and migrants with the visa application process, including guidance on required documents, application procedures, and timelines. This support helps them navigate the often complex visa requirements and ensures that they meet all necessary criteria for entry into the destination country.

  • Accommodation Arrangements: Helping students and migrants secure suitable accommodation before their arrival, whether it be on-campus housing, homestay arrangements, shared apartments, or private rentals. This ensures that students have a place to stay upon arrival and reduces stress during the transition period.

  • Student Orientation Programs: Organising orientation programs or webinars to familiarise students with their new academic institution, campus facilities, academic programs, support services, and cultural expectations. These programs provide valuable information and help students feel more prepared and confident about starting their studies abroad.

  • Cultural Preparation: Offering cultural preparation sessions or online resources to help students and migrants understand the cultural norms, etiquette, and social customs of Australia. This helps them adjust to their new cultural environment and avoid cultural misunderstandings.


  • Airport Pickup: Arranging airport pickup services for incoming students and migrants to ensure a smooth transition from the airport to their accommodation. This service provides a welcoming arrival experience and helps students feel supported from the moment they land in their new country.

  • Accommodation Assistance: Providing continued support with accommodation matters, including resolving any issues or concerns that may arise after students move into their new housing. This ensures that students feel comfortable and secure in their living arrangements.

  • Orientation Sessions: Conducting comprehensive orientation sessions upon the arrival to further familiarise them with the campus, academic procedures, support services, and local resources. 

  • Social Integration Activities: Organising social integration activities, cultural events, and excursions to help students and migrants connect with their peers, explore their new surroundings, and build a sense of belonging in their new community. These activities foster friendships and create opportunities for cultural exchange.

  • Ongoing Support Services: Providing ongoing support services such as academic advising, counselling, health and wellness resources, and emergency assistance to address their evolving needs throughout their study and living abroad experience. This ensures that they have access to the support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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