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Migration and Refugee Division of AAT - Fee Increase 移民及簽證訴訟申請費用增加

Application fees for review of decisions by the Migration Review Division (MRD) of the AAT will increase in 1 July 2018. If an application fee is payable, it must be paid in full at the time of lodging online.

The application fees for the review of a decision, where a fee is payable, will increase to $1,764.

Where a fee reduction is approved, the fee will be $882.

Application fees for decisions about protection visas will remain fee free, unless the review is not successful, then the full fee will be payable.

Application fees for decisions about a bridging visa that resulted in a person being place in immigration detention remain fee free.

Applicants may apply for a fee reduction on the grounds of severe financial hardship, by uploading a completed fee reduction form and attaching it to the online application, or the completed form may be submitted by email, in person, by post or by fax. Financial statements and other supporting evidence to justify a fee reduction must be included with the fee reduction form.

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